Close your eyes… Nel buio all’H-International School di Treviso

Concluse le prime due giornate di Nel buio all’H-International School di Treviso

Cos’è la scintilla creativa? Quali storie e immagini accenderà? Lo scopriremo nella seconda sessione di incontri con ragazzi curiosi e scintillanti.

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Close your eyes… a workshop on its way

The voices of two actors who tell a story about the dark from behind a black curtain while drawings appear on the wall of the completely dark auditorium. The much-awaited workshops with Nicola Barca and Michela Baso have begun, for the Italian language and Literature MYP2 students and the Spanish B high level students of the DP.

During this first lesson, through various activities held in the dark, with the lights on and… with eyes covered, the students reflected on fundamental issues regarding creative acts: how important is it to lose oneself in a story? What is the so-called “spark”? Words and images are always sufficient to express the miracle of reality?

The children have already begun to be guided by Michela and Nicola in the creation of their own graphic novels…